PureDireX - PDC03-0100 / NA016-0100

Virus Nucleic Acid Isolation Kit (Column Based)

Size: 100 rxns

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Categories: Column Based

PureDireX Virus Nucleic Acid Isolation Kit (Column Based)

Sample: Up to 300 μl of the whole blood
Sample: Up to 200 μl of virus sample
Format: Reagent and mini spin column
Sample material: Serum, plasma, body fluids
Operation time: 20 minutes
Elution volume: 50 μl


  • Isolates both viral RNA and DNA, allowing simultaneous detection of both types of virus
  • Removes inhibitors that might interfere with downstream assays, ensuring greater assay specificity, sensitivity and reproducibility
  • Prepares nucleic acid samples in only 20 minutes
  • Yields a concentrated sample that is suitable for direct assay (no precipitation required)
  • Universal viral nucleic acid purification system – One kit for both DNA and RNA viral purification, allowing simultaneous testing of both viral types
  • Environment-friendly -Less infectious plastic waste due to the reduced number of hands-on steps
  • Safety – No phenol/chloroform extractions
  • Versatility – Spin and vacuum formats available
  • Quality – RNA suitable for downstream applications

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