PureDireX - PDR05-0100 / NA022-0100

Genomic DNA Isolation Reagent Kit (Blood/Cultured Cell/Tissue)(Reagent Based)

Size: 100 rxns

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PureDireX Genomic DNA Isolation Reagent Kit (Blood/Cultured Cell/Tissue)(Reagent Based)

The Genomic DNA Isolation Reagent Kit (Blood/Cultured Cell/Tissue)(Reagent Based) is a reagent system kit. The kit is designed specifically for genomic DNA isolation from the whole blood, frozen blood, buffy coat, cultured animal/bacterial cells, fungus cells and tissue. This unique reagent system ensures genomic DNA with high yield and good quality from samples. The entire procedure can be completed in 1 hour without phenol/chloroform extraction. Purified genomic DNA is suitable for use in PCR or other enzymatic reactions.


 Delivering high-quality genomic DNA with the fast procedure.
 Ready-to-use genomic DNA for high performance in any downstream application. 
 Highly purified and high yield genomic DNA can be extracted from various samples. 
 Optimized lysis buffer for the efficient lysis. 
 Designed to rapidly purify high-quality DNA using spin reagent format.


Size: 100 Reactions

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