UltraScence Femto Western Substrate Powder

Size: 5L x 2 / Set

Note: Enhanced Chemiluminescent / HRP (Horseradish Peroxidase) / ECL substrates / Femtogram / Luminol / Peroxide Buffer / Western Blotting
Categories: Western Substrate

The UltraScence Femto Western Substrate Powder, as a luminol-based enhanced chemiluminescent substrate, is sensitive and compatible with conducting immunoblots with horseradish peroxidase (HRP) – conjugated secondary antibodies. The low picogram to low femtogram detection of antigen is enabled by UltraScence Pico Plus-Pico Ultra/Femto Western Substrate’s excellent sensitivity and long signal duration. Further, its long chemiluminescent signal duration makes both digital and film-based imaging possible without any loss of the signal. Appropriate primary and secondary antibody dilutions are suggested for attaining optimal signal intensity and duration.

Product Name: UltraScence Femto Western Substrate Powder
Product Item No.: CCH365-P10L
Sizes: 5L x 2 / Set
Substrate Type: HRP (Horseradish Peroxidase) Substrate
Contents/Storage: Upon receipt make it into liquid form. Product is shipped at ambient temperature.

**US Patent No.: US10,711,185

- Ready-to-ship and significantly longer shelf life in the powder form!

- Significant reductions in transportation and storage costs, resulting in less carbon footprint!

- Empower custom production anywhere in the world!

- Significantly more sensitive than leading manufacturers on the market.

**US Patent No.: US10,711,185

Q: What’s the shelf life of UltraScence Pico Plus/Pico Ultra/Femto Western Substrate in liquid form?
A: 1 year at Room Temperature (25°C) and  2 years at 4°C.

Q: What’s the shelf life of UltraScence Pico Plus/Pico Ultra/Femto Western Substrate in powder form?
A: Before you dissolve the powder ECL into liquid form, the shelf life could be more than 2 years in appropriate storage conditions. After you dissolve the powder ECL into liquid from, the shelf life of the liquid ECL: Store at RT (25°C) for 1 year, 4°C for 2 years

Q: From Bio-Helix’s UltraScence ECL substrates portfolio, which level of ECL fits best my Western blot applications?
A: UltraScence ECL substrates series is compatible with the use from low picogram to low-femtogram level detections. Please kindly refer to the ECL selection guide of UltraScence Western substrate as the below table:

(a) CCH321-B100ML, UltraScence Pico Plus Western Substrate
(b) CCH345-B100ML, UltraScence Pico Ultra Western Substrate
(c) CCH365-B100ML, UltraScence Femto ECL Western Substrate

Q: What’s the volume and weight for the powder ECL substrates, CCH365-P10L?
A: Our powder ECL substrates, CCH365-P10L, (~200mg per package) could be dissolved to be 10L (=5L+5L) Western Substrate solutions.

Q: Do you have the comparison data of the ECL substrates between the liquid form and powder form? Does it perform in the same way?
A: There is an equal performance for both, liquid and powder forms. Please refer to the below table:

Compare Bio-Helix Liquid form & Powder form ECL performance.

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