LifeDireX - TM001-B100ML

UltraScence TMB ELISA Substrate

Size: 50MLx2 / Set

Categories: ELISA

Bio-Helix’s TMB ELISA Substrate, known as 3,3’,5,5’-tetramethylbenzidine,  is a chromagen that detects horseradish peroxidase (HRP) activity when oxidized with hydrogen peroxide and yields a blue color with major absorbances at 370 and 652nm. The substrate is supplied as a ready to use, mildly acidic solution. The unreacted substrate should be colorless or very light yellow in appearance. The reaction can be stopped using appropriate stop solution, either the sulfuric or phosphoric acid, and producing a soluble yellow reaction product with the absorbance at 450nm.

Unlike other commercially available substrates, Bio-Helix’s TMB contains no DMF.

- Ready-to-use solutions

- No hydrogen peroxide required

- No filtering required

- Noncarcinogenic

- Significantly more sensitive than leading manufacturers on the market

Name Download
Safety Data Sheet|SDS - Solution A BH_TMB_ELISA_Substrate_Solution_A_20211125.pdf
Safety Data Sheet|SDS - Solution B BH_TMB_ELISA_Substrate_Solution_B_20211125.pdf
PROTOCOL TM001_Protocol_20210305.pdf

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