COOMASSIE nano Protein Staining Solution

Size: 500 ml

Note: Protein Stain / Instant Stain / Coomassie Blue / Non-toxic / SDS-PAGE / Gel Electrophoresis
Categories: Staining Reagent

COOMASSIE nano The Next Generation Protein Staining Solution

 Clear background
Fast staining
No need for destaining
No washing step needed
No overstaining issue
No hazardous materials inside
No need to microwave or heat 

COOMASSIE nano, enhanced by nano-technology, is a ready-to-use protein staining solution for SDS-PAGE gels. Its next generation formula offers a faster protein detection, higher sensitivity and there is no need for destaining. Also, the washing step can be omitted. In the absence of hazardous substances such as methanol and acetic acid, COOMASSIE nano is considered to be safe and environmentally friendly. COOMASSIE nano is also compatible with mass spectrophotometry.

COOMASSIE nano Gel Staining from 5 mins to Over night

Prestained protein ladder, unstain protein ladder, and BSA were prepared and applied in electrophoresis. After running SDS-PAGE (4-20% Novex Gel), please remove the gel from the cassette then proceed to submerge the gel in proper amount of COOMASSIEnano dye, enough to cover the gel. Lightly agitate the staining box for 5 minutes to over night at room temperature.

M: Prestain ladder
U: Unstain ladder
Lane 1: BSA   2,000ng
Lane 2: BSA   1,000ng
Lane 3: BSA      500ng
Lane 4: BSA      100ng
Lane 5: BSA        50ng
Lane 6: BSA        10ng
Lane 7: BSA          5ng
Lane 8: BSA          1ng

Figure I : We used ImageJ to analysis the 85kDa band of lane 5 (red arrow), comparing the band intensity between different storage time at 37℃. The variation is under 10%.


Lane 1:Prestain protein ladder #PM019-0500
Lane 2-15:2X dilutions of unstain ladder #PMU12-0500