BIO-HELIX - RK001-0050

RScript cDNA Synthesis Kit

Size: 50 Rxns

Categories: RNA Reagent

Overcome the most challenging RNA structures over a wide temperature range.

Bio-Helix RScript cDNA Synthesis Kit - Engineered innovatively and specifically for both Research and Diagnostic applications for meeting all your cDNA synthesis needs and for overcoming the most challenging secondary RNA structures over a wide temperature range – is the latest addition to our reverse transcription product boutique. The RScript cDNA Synthesis Kit contains our next-generation, engineered recombinant M-MLV reverse transcriptase, with improved thermostability, processivity, robustness, optimal cDNA yields, proprietary site mutations for reduced RNase H activity, and extended half-life, is the most versatile reverse transcriptase in the world for not only simply meeting the routine cDNA synthesis requirements but also enabling superior performance for even the most challenging RNA samples at hand.


Reverse transcription of a 330 bp fragment CCD1A RNA using RScript cDNA Synthesis Kit to carry this experiment. The PCR data shows that RScript cDNA Synthesis Kit have a stable and superior performance at higher temperatures.