UVPAD Dual LED 302 365 UV Transilluminator

Size: Set

Note: UV Transilluminator / UV Light Box / Gel Documentation System / DNA Visualization Equipment / Fluorescence imaging device / UVA 365nm / UVB 302nm
Categories: Transilluminator

• Dual UV Wavelengths at 302nm and 365nm
Broad ranges of applicability and compatibility in basic science and medical diagnosis research fields.

• Magnetic Filter
The hinges-free design offers simplicity, safety, and convenience to the user and will not cause any damage to the filter near the hinges. Conducting the observation and gel-cutting does not require the protective goggles.

• Bottom-Up LED Illumination
It prevents the interference from the reflective lights that are caused by the side illumination, thus improving the observational and imaging quality.

• Adjustable Light Intensity (3 Levels)
Adjusting the light intensity and contrast based on the sample quantity or observational requirement will achieve the best observational or imaging quality.

• 5 Minute Automatic Power-Off
It protects the transilluminator from the risk that is caused by the user’s operational negligence.

• Designer Metal Housing
The transilluminator’s base is rendered more stable, thus facilitating the operational process.

• Exquisite and Compact Design (18.5cm x 22cm x 3.9cm; roughly 3.5kg)
It offers the ease of mobility and storage and is suitable for the experimental observation during the field study.

• Enhanced Portability with the Power Bank
Hassle-free for performing the outdoor experiment.
**The power bank is NOT INCLUDED in the package and needs to be purchased by the user.


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